Balance is everything

Apply the right blend of minerals and transform any soil. Grow a delicious, nutritious, bountiful harvest - everytime.

What’s in your soil?

Testing allows us to know exactly what minerals are in your soil so we can create the perfect blend just for you.

Read all about it!

Download your graphical soil analysis, report, mineral balancing recipe, biological gardening program, and quote, in a printable document.

Order minerals to your door.

Broadcast your mineral balancing blend. Top with compost. Finish with mulch and plant your seedlings.

Get started now!

Vegetables, orchards, lawns, herbs, flowers and ornamentals all benefit from a balanced soil.

Live the good life.

Home grown, juicy sweet, nutrient packed, chemical free food at your doorstep! What could be more satisfying, exciting and rewarding than that?